Covid-19 and Meeting

Hello Friends, we have all in one way or another felt the effects of the Covid-19 issues. Our meeting is no different, Several members have not attended, so they can practice Social Distancing, Some members have moved away for the time being of the virus. And some of us have still attended meeting, while still practicing social distancing .

Our parent meeting, Inland Valley Meeting, has set up a Digital Meeting for Worship, using the Zoom program, Their meeting starts at 10:15am on Sunday. If you would like to attending the digital meeting then please download the Zoom app on your mobile device, or on your PC or mac. Once you have the program installed you can join the meeting by clicking on this link.

And it will connect you to the Meeting. I will be attending the digital meeting on Sunday, and we can see if it is something we would like to continue to do, attending Inland Valleys Meeting or even hosting out own.