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  • Happy New Year 2019

    Happy New Year Friends

    2018 was a good and bad year for us, we meet new friends from other meeting, we gathered a few new friends who attend meeting, but we also lost one of our own, to the ravages of cancer, while another one battled and won. we moved from our old room to our new one, saving money, but gaining a bit more serenity and quiet.

    Moving on to 2019 is going to be an even better year, as we meet even more friends from around the world, and I believe even more friends will find their way to our meeting and will continue in the spirit, and of the light and bring that light to others illuminating the way to peace, love and hope.

    We have a long road ahead of us, and it wont all be easy, but as friends we gather together to make each other stronger, to build the community we wish to see, and help those in need.

    Love is the way to peace, build bridges to unite us, and tear down the walls that divide us.

    Joshua Lilly

  • We are still here

    Hello friends

    We are still here, The website has become a little outdated, as we haven’t been posting a lot of new content lately, but we have been active at meetings and attending Quarterly meeting.  Hopefully, that is about to change. Now that the U.S. Elections are over it is a time to start healing again.

    We have added a new book cabinet to our meeting area so it is even easier now to find a good Quaker book or pamphlet,  and are currently working on a way to make it easier to track books that are out, so we can make sure they get returned to allow more people to enjoy.

    We are working on making a digital listing of our books and pamphlets so that you can browse our library at home and when you come to meeting you can take a great book home with you.

    I have also been throwing around the idea of allowing our members to have their own blogs so they can use it as on online journal, or even detailing some of the activism or projects they are working on. If you happen to like the idea or are even interested in starting your own blog then please let me know.


    You found our webpage, now come and join us for a weekly meeting, we meet every Sunday for Silent worship at 11:00 AM. But please feel free to come in a bit earlier to get to know us or learn a little bit about us if you are inquisitive.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by phone at: 702-551-5536 *updated* or Email at Info (@) lvquakers.org

    If you would like to make a donation to the LVQuakers then you can do so easily by going *here*

    We usually meet up at:

    First Christian Church

    101 S Rancho Dr
    Las Vegas, NV 89106
    In Room #5 *updated*