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  • Guilford , A Quaker Education

    I find reflecting on my earliest contact with quaker’s very enlightening and the primary reason for me seeking them later in my life. After relocating to Las Vegas in 1984 my journey led me home to Guilford College and the friends there who helped me understand the meaning of what it was to be a quaker. So it was only natural that I seek them here in Las Vegas Nevada. Our meeting is Unprogrammed and very basic with refreshments at rise of meeting. I remember speaking to a janitor at Guilford College who was a conscientious objector and birthright quaker. I was later informed that he had a Phd In Philosophy. His penance was to do janitorial work at the college. What a noble endeavor.

  • My Trip to an Evangelical Friends Church

    Hello Everyone.

    I, Just did a recent trip to Corona California and I decided to look for a local Quaker meetup. I went to Google and typed in “Quaker Meeting Corona”and it gave me one result of http://www.coronafriendschurch.org/, and I noticed that it was an Evangelical friends Church and I had only been familiar with Un-programmed Meetings so this was going to be a little bit of an adventure. So here is a little run down of some of the notes that I took down during the service. Continue Reading →