• Western Friends

    Wanted to let you all know about Western Friend Magazine, Western Friend Magazine is a Quaker based Magazine that specializes in Quakerly things occurring in the West, not only can you subscribe to the magazine but you can also read some of their articles at the Website www.westernfriend.org but we also have lots of back issues on hand in the book cabinet.

    So please stop by and check out Western Friends website, but also stop in for a good meeting with us, and read a article or two from Western Friends while you wait.

  • We are still here

    Hello friends

    We are still here, The website has become a little outdated, as we haven’t been posting a lot of new content lately, but we have been active at meetings and attending Quarterly meeting.  Hopefully, that is about to change. Now that the U.S. Elections are over it is a time to start healing again.

    We have added a new book cabinet to our meeting area so it is even easier now to find a good Quaker book or pamphlet,  and are currently working on a way to make it easier to track books that are out, so we can make sure they get returned to allow more people to enjoy.

    We are working on making a digital listing of our books and pamphlets so that you can browse our library at home and when you come to meeting you can take a great book home with you.

    I have also been throwing around the idea of allowing our members to have their own blogs so they can use it as on online journal, or even detailing some of the activism or projects they are working on. If you happen to like the idea or are even interested in starting your own blog then please let me know.

  • World Quaker Day 2014

    Man with out stretched hands toward the rising sun in the desert
    World Quaker Day 2014

    Tomorrow we will be celebrating World Quaker Day, Friends World Committee is the group that is responsible for hosting this event. The idea behind the event is:

    As the sun rises in each area of the world, we want to remember that Quakers are worshiping through every time zone, celebrating our deep connections across cultures and Quaker traditions. We are united in love and can accompany each other on this special day that draws us together. As we worship, let us hold each other in prayer and thanksgiving, and let our hymns of praise resound across the world. The theme Let Your Life Speak: Living the Kabarak Call for Peace and Ecojustice, connects us to the work we did at the World Conference of Friends in 2012 in Kenya, taking the work forward in the context of our spiritual communities. 

    We will be meeting at a Members house this Sunday (1st Day) to enjoy in the celebration. If you would like to attend then please email me at jlilly@lvquakers.org

    We will post pictures of this event as the come about.

    We had a great time at the World Quaker Day meetup. We had a good group of approximately 9 in attendance, a great host and an Awesome assortment of store bought and home cooked food.

    Jennifer was gracious enough to host this event, thank you Jennifer for an amazing meetup.

  • Guilford , A Quaker Education

    I find reflecting on my earliest contact with quaker’s very enlightening and the primary reason for me seeking them later in my life. After relocating to Las Vegas in 1984 my journey led me home to Guilford College and the friends there who helped me understand the meaning of what it was to be a quaker. So it was only natural that I seek them here in Las Vegas Nevada. Our meeting is Unprogrammed and very basic with refreshments at rise of meeting. I remember speaking to a janitor at Guilford College who was a conscientious objector and birthright quaker. I was later informed that he had a Phd In Philosophy. His penance was to do janitorial work at the college. What a noble endeavor.

  • My Trip to an Evangelical Friends Church

    Hello Everyone.

    I, Just did a recent trip to Corona California and I decided to look for a local Quaker meetup. I went to Google and typed in “Quaker Meeting Corona”and it gave me one result of http://www.coronafriendschurch.org/, and I noticed that it was an Evangelical friends Church and I had only been familiar with Un-programmed Meetings so this was going to be a little bit of an adventure. So here is a little run down of some of the notes that I took down during the service. Continue Reading →